Outdoor Epoxy Phoenix



2 layers of resin-based primer


Full chip broadcast


UV-resistant acrylic binder


Commercial grade UV-resistant

100% aliphatic polyurethane

5-Year Warranty

5 Layer Outdoor Premium Full Chip System

Arizona's abusive heat and sunshine doesn't stand a chance against this durable system that's ideal for patios and driveways. It's comprised of two layers of resin, a full broadcast of decorative chips, a layer of UV-resistant acrylic sealant, plus a top coat of commercial-grade UV-resistant 100% aliphatic polyurethane. This system is so tough that it can handle brake fluid, battery acid, and even hydrochloric acid!


Our 5 layer outdoor supreme full chip high traffic system can withstand some major abuse. In fact, this system started off as part of our commercial lineup and is widely used in aircraft hangars, and warehouse facilities. It performs so well that we decided to add it to our residential outdoor offerings. It looks fantastic – and is a workhorse of an outdoor floor system!