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Epoxy Garage Phoenix
Epoxy Floor Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Dry Times and Procedures After Install:

1.  After your new epoxy flooring system has been installed, please allow 24 hours before walking and placing light objects on the floor. These objects include garbage cans, lightweight boxes, tools, etc.

2.  After 48 hours of the install completion date, vehicles can be parked back in the garage. In colder months, please wait 1 to 2 additional days for full cure.

Cleaning Instructions:

Epoxy flooring surfaces can be washed as often as desired with mild cleaners. Please use cleaners such as:

1. Windex

2. Spray Fantastic  

3. Spray 409              

4. Simple Green or similar mild floor cleaner     

5. Any type of tile cleaner

6. For really tough stains, use denatured alcohol


1. Comet Cleanser

2. Any type of cleaner with pumice or abrasive ingredients

3. Murphy's oil Soap; this leaves an oil film that is visible   

4. Sanding disks

5. Floor scrubbers with aggressive pads


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