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Outdoor Epoxy Phoenix


​Resin-based primer


2nd layer of resin


Specialized HTS top coat with non-slip properties

5-Year Warranty

3 Layer Outdoor High-Traffic System (HTS) 

Be the envy of the neighborhood while adding longevity to your driveway and patio with our durable 3 layer outdoor high traffic system. This system features a layer of resin-based primer, followed by a second layer of epoxy resin, plus a specialized "HTS" top coat formulated with extreme UV, chemical resistance, and anti-slip properties. It's tough enough to handle brake fluid, battery acid, and even hydrochloric acid!


Designed for high traffic, heavy-use situations, this same system is also part of our commercial lineup and widely used in automotive repair facilities, aircraft hangars, and warehouses. It performs so well that we decided to add it to our residential outdoor offerings. It's got undeniable curb appeal, it's low maintenance, and it's made to last.

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