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Concrete Polishing Phoenix
Concrete Polishing Phoenix

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing has become increasingly popular in both retail and commercial settings due to its long-lasting durability. It creates an ultra-strong glossy surface that is resilient to liquid or chemical penetration, and since there is no top coat, delamination or peeling will never occur. 

We utilize various grinding pads throughout our polishing process, starting with metal-based industrial diamonds. These course metal pads dig into the concrete surface and remove the top layers of concrete cream. Next, we begin to consecutively change out the metals to finer and finer grit pads until we've utilized the entire assortment of pads. We then equip our machines with resin-based polishing pads. Unlike some other companies, Brilliant Epoxy Floors does not skip pad progression. We follow a strict regimen to get the best results and the proof is in the finished floor.


The process takes about two days on average, from start to finish. There is no dry time, so you can get back to business immediately.

At this time, we only offer concrete floor polishing for commercial projects. It's an excellent alternative to epoxy coatings for most surfaces, unless the area requires chemical containment. (Such areas require a commercial epoxy coating to protect the concrete from harsh chemicals or materials that may spill.) If you are considering concrete polishing, give us a call. Once we learn more about your specific situation, we can advise on the best flooring option and provide a quote.

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