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Coating System Installation

As expert installers of resinous coating systems, we take great pride in our craft of creating brilliant floors in commercial and residential settings. Over the years, we've come to realize that it's the details that make or break a job.

Our customers often tell us that they can see the difference in a Brilliant Epoxy floor. We attribute that to our "do it right" philosophy: use the right coating system for the space, the right materials, the right equipment, and the right technicians. We also attribute the Brilliant Epoxy difference to our 3-step process, which involves consultation, surface preparation, and finally, coating system installation.

While each part of the process is important, if we had to pick just one variable that separates an ordinary floor from a brilliant floor, it would have to be the way we prep the surface.  After removing existing coatings, we Industrial Diamond Grind the concrete, which creates an ultra smooth surface that's ready for a smooth application of coatings.

The details make all the difference, and we're committed to doing it right!

How we craft a brilliant floor



Every job is different. From aircraft hangars, to data centers, warehouses, restaurants, and residential garages, flooring specifications and requirements can vary greatly depending on the space. And there are hundreds of coating material options on the market with numerous ways to layer them. 


We use our extensive experience and expertise in resinous coatings and our relationships with the top coatings suppliers to help determine which particular system will best meet your specific needs. 

Bottom line: we help you choose the right floor coating system for the job.




Proper concrete restoration and preparation is a critical step in the creation of a brilliant floor. It's literally the foundation of the floor's future performance.


We begin by removing any existing coatings or other flooring materials (such as tile or linoleum). We also repair cracks and other defects in the concrete surface and address any moisture issues that may be at play.


After that's done, we use our professional-grade equipment to prepare the concrete for resinous coating application. When prepping the surface, we utilize our Industrial Diamond Grinding process (translation: high-end equipment). This machinery makes all the difference in paving the way for a flawless coating application.



Our in-house technicians skillfully apply the selected system of high-quality coatings, creating a floor that looks great and performs brilliantly.


At Brilliant Epoxy Floors, the same technicians handle all aspects of installation, so we're able to get the job done quickly and with unmatched attention to detail.



See our team in action:

Watch a time-lapsed install:

install 14.jpg
Concrete Restoration

Concrete Grinding & Surface Prep Services

  • Removal of all types of floor coatings, paints, and mastic glues

  • Concrete leveling for joints and raised areas

  • Repairing of cracks or other imperfections

  • Concrete surface preparation for installation  of coatings, tile, hardwoods, and carpet

  • Preparation for argon gas mitigation systems

  • Preparation for osmotic vapor systems

Concrete Grinding
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