What is a “commercial epoxy coating” and how does it differ from the epoxy that is used for residential flooring? This is a common question in the industry and among homeowners, with many wondering what the distinction is between the two.

Where Commercial Epoxy Coating is Used

While there are differences, most of the same processes and materials are used for both commercial and residential epoxy floors. Here at Brilliant Epoxy Floors Inc., we regularly install our systems in garages, basements and living rooms, but may install a similar floor coating in a warehouse or commercial kitchen the next day.

commercial epoxy coating kitchen floorAll of our residential systems including; solid color, chip systems, Granite Chrome System, and Pearl Essence Metallic systems can be used for commercial projects. A major difference that can be found in a commercial application of one of these systems is the sealant and top coat we use may be thicker and more hardened to protect against high traffic or heavy equipment damaging the floor.

Commercial Epoxy Coating Additives

Many commercial uses of epoxy coatings also require the addition of non-slip additives such as sand or grit (we use an aluminum oxide sand-like material) to give the flooring a more textured surface. This textured finish provides more traction and helps prevent slipping.

For high-use businesses and commercial areas, many companies are very pressed for time when making any changes. They use their floors daily and need the area ready again for use as soon as possible. For projects such as these we usually recommend one of our quick drying systems that can be ready again for use within two days.

In reality, all residential epoxy flooring systems can be “converted” for use in most commercial floor projects. Depending on traffic, use and what sort of wear the floor is likely to receive, we select a finish appropriate for the situation. Need a durable, non-slip surface for a commercial kitchen that is easy to clean every night when the restaurant shuts down? No problem.

There are a few epoxy floor coatings that are specific to commercial projects. These are systems that could in theory be used in a home, but are unnecessary and what one might call “overkill” for home use.

Quartz Broadcast System

commercial epoxy coating chemical pitThis system is widely used for light to medium traffic situations. It is excellent in commercial kitchens, manufacturing facilities, aviation, automotive, bathrooms, and bottling facilities. Generally, this system is recommended for areas where water containment is needed and a more durable surface that can take a good amount of traffic. These floors generally have very good traction and anti-slip surfaces.

The 1/4 inch Power Trowel Systems

This system is a very thick silica mortar mix that is used to correct degradation of concrete and to create a very strong flooring system for all Industry. Used In warehouse, manufacturing, bottling, aircraft hangers, military, and automotive use. This system restores old cracked and pitted concrete to a smooth extremely durable heavy weight traffic and storage system.

Urethane Mortar Systems

These systems are similar to the power trowel system, but have a much quicker back to service time frame. These systems also withstand higher temperatures which make them perfect for bakeries, commercial kitchens, manufacturing, and chemical containment area‘s. excellent in commercial kitchens and water containment area where water is constantly being used.

ESD Epoxy Flooring System.

We install Electro Static Dissipative Epoxy Urethane Systems that are necessary in electrical conductive workshops and production facilities.  Our systems are cost effective and can be installed over weekends, holidays and night work.

Brilliant Epoxy Floors Inc. has over 20 years of experience and has installed millions of square feet of commercial epoxy coating. Give us a call today at: 480-203-2444 and let us help you get the professional epoxy coating installation service you deserve on your next commercial or residential flooring project.

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