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Metallic Epoxy Phoenix


100% Solids Epoxy Tinted Primer


Metallic Pigmented Powders with 100% Solids Epoxy


High Performance Urethane Top Coat

 with GlossGrip or DiamondWear

15-Year Warranty

Mosaic Metallic System

Our Mosaic Metallic System is strikingly beautiful. Each floor is one-of a kind.

To create these masterpieces, we start off with a 100% solids epoxy tinted primer, followed by a layer of 100% solids UV-resistant epoxy mixed with metallic pigmented powders. For this layer of color, we can either go with a single pearl essence metallic, or we can swirl two colors together.


After the metallic layer is applied, we top off the floor with a high-performance urethane top coat that contains either GlossGrip, a high-gloss, slip-resistant additive, or DiamondWear, which provides a satin-finish and superior abrasion resistance. Oh, and if you need your floor to dry super fast, we offer a quick-curing Sherwin-Williams® 80% solids polyaspartic top coat as an optional upgrade on metallic floors.


This top-quality system delivers a highly-durable floor that's simply stunning!

You may just find yourself looking for excuses to spend more time in the garage.

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