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Light Sprinkle Epoxy Floor


100% Solids Epoxy


80% Solids Polyaspartic Top Coat


Light Sprinkle of Acrylic

Decorative Chips

10-Year Warranty

Polyaspartic Premium Light Sprinkle System

Our Polyaspartic Premium Light Sprinkle System is a tried and true winner for garage floors due to its excellent wear, UV, and chemical resistance.


First, we apply a layer of 100% solids epoxy primer, followed by a Sherwin-Williams® 80% solids polyaspartic top coat that is commercial-grade, low VOC, UV-resistant, and quick-curing. Then we add a sprinkling of 1/8" acrylic decorative chips that melt into the top coat, creating a mosaic that looks great and hides dirt like a champ.​​​


Oh, and that quick-curing polyaspartic top coat we mentioned? It allows the floor to dry fast enough for you to put your wheels back in the garage 24 hours after we're done!

Wheels down.

This system features a quick-drying 80% solids polyaspartic topcoat from Sherwin-Williams®.

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