When most people think of epoxy, they likely are only aware of its uses as a floor coating. While one of the primary uses is definitely as epoxy garage flooring, it also has many other applications. Considering the combination of modern polymers and increasingly being used in interior design, epoxy now has a wide variety of applications ranging the gamut from home to industrial use. Here are some of them:

Epoxy Coatings Can Be Used on Tabletops and Counters

epoxy garage flooring imageMany homeowners, businesses and restaurants are now using epoxy resins to coat counters and tabletops. One of the unique qualities of epoxy is that it creates a non-porous, perfectly smooth surface that is easy to clean and resistant to fluids and stains. This makes it a great material for areas like kitchen counters, bar counters, or surfaces like tables in restaurant. The benefit to this is the epoxy coating protects whatever is underneath. For instance, a restaurant could coat an expensive hardwood table, preventing damage to and protecting the surface from some patron spilling wine on it, while still showing the beauty and luxury of the real wood underneath a clear coating of epoxy.

Decorative Interior Designs With Epoxy Resins

In recent years epoxy has gone upscale with its creative uses in interior design. Hi-end designers have realized the benefits of using this versatile polymer in interior design for everything from kitchen counters, living room flooring, bathrooms, basements, to stylish accents and highlights, or as a protective coating for colored tile. Epoxy coatings can be mixed to create almost any color imaginable, so they are great to help style a room, or add accentuation and shine to an area you want to draw attention to.

If used as a flooring, epoxy can be given texture, swirled in stylish colors, or even be given a metallic look like our Metallic Pearl Epoxy to enliven dreary basement flooring, or add some style and pop to a living room.

Uses as a Bonding Agent

Resins can be used as a bonding agent. When you think of epoxy, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is not “glue,” but one of the amazing qualities of this resin is its ability to bond together different materials that would be difficult or impossible to adhere with traditional glues. Epoxy can be used to bond wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone, just about anything. Before you go trying to glue things together though, make sure you have the right kind of resin for the materials you are trying to bond.

Artistic Uses for Epoxy Floor Coatings

When art and technology merge, they can combine to create some pretty amazing things. One of the newest uses for epoxy coatings is in creating murals and 3D effects that are truly stunning. Take a look at some of the amazing 3D effects in the video above. To create these effects, hi-resolution prints are bonded to the floor and then coated with epoxy. Originally this technique was only used for showrooms or entryway flooring for big businesses to impress visitors, but the technology is becoming more mainstream. Currently, Imperial Interiors (in Dubai) is one of the few companies offering 3D flooring, but as the popularity and demand grows, you can expect to see it offered locally in the near future.

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