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Supreme Full Chip Epoxy


Prepared Concrete


100% Solids Epoxy


Acrylic Flake Broadcast


2 Layers of Polyaspartic

Lifetime Warranty

Polyaspartic Supreme Full Chip System

There's a reason our Polyaspartic Supreme Full Chip System is, well...supreme. Although it's similar to our Polyaspartic Premium Full Chip System, the Supreme System is heavier-duty, with added strength and a smoother finish. If you've got a heavy vehicle or an RV, or just want to know you are getting the creme de la creme of garage floors, go with the Supreme.


Here's the composition of the Supreme System:  We start off with a layer of Sherwin-Williams® 100% Solids Epoxy primer, then do what's called a "full chip broadcast." This means that we cover the entire surface with acrylic decorative chips, to full saturation.


After the chips are down, we add two layers of Sherwin-Williams® 80% Solids Polyaspartic as a top coat. This commercial-grade coating is antimicrobial, UV-resistant, has zero VOCs, and is quick- curing. In fact, it dries so fast that you can put your wheels back in the garage 24 hours after we're done! The end result is one beautiful, strong, smooth, efficient floor.

Wheels down.

This system features a quick-drying 80% solids polyaspartic top coat from Sherwin-Williams®.

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