Full Chip Epoxy Floor


2 layers of resin-based primer


Full chip broadcast


UV-resistant acrylic binder


Commercial grade UV-resistant

100% aliphatic polyurethane

15-Year Warranty

Premium Full Chip System

A step up from our Original Full Chip System, the Premium Full Chip System features an upgraded top layer that gives it the power to withstand some abuse. The sun’s rays, brake fluid, battery acid – they’re no match for this resilient floor. 

When crafting our Premium Full Chip System, we start off with two layers of resin-based primer, then do what's called a "full chip broadcast." This means that we cover the entire surface with decorative chips, to full saturation. We seal in the chips with a UV-resistant acrylic binder, then top it all off with a layer of commercial-grade 100% aliphatic thick coat polyurethane that’s also UV resistant.