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Full Chip Epoxy Floor


Prepared Concrete


100% Solids Epoxy


Acrylic Flake Broadcast



15-Year Warranty

Polyaspartic Premium Full Chip System

Our Polyaspartic Premium Full Chip System has the power to withstand some abuse! The sun’s rays, brake fluid, battery acid – they’re no match for this resilient floor that delivers excellent wear, UV, and chemical resistance.

When crafting our Polyaspartic Premium Full Chip System, we start off with a layer of Sherwin-Williams® 100% Solids Epoxy primer, then do what's called a "full chip broadcast." This means that we cover the entire surface with acrylic decorative chips, to full saturation. We seal in the chips with a Sherwin-Williams®  80% Solids Polyaspartic top coat that's commercial-grade, UV-resistant, low-VOC, and quick-curing. In fact, it dries so quickly that you can put your wheels back in the garage 24 hours after we're done!

Wheels down.

This system features a quick-drying 80% solids polyaspartic top coat from Sherwin-Williams®.

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