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Supreme Full Chip 2


Double Layer of 100% Solids Epoxy


Acrylic Chip Broadcast to Full Refusal


Two Layers of 80% Solids Polyaspartic Top Coat

5-Year Warranty

Polyaspartic Supreme Full Chip Patio/Sidewalk System

Can we just say - this is one supreme system! Designed to withstand Arizona's brutal heat and sunshine  – and to look fantastic while doing so –our Polyaspartic Supreme Full Chip Patio/Sidewalk system is highly durable UV-resistant, and cures quickly.


We start off with a double layer of 100% solids epoxy primer, then do what's called a "full chip broadcast." This means that we cover the entire surface with acrylic decorative chips, to full saturation.


After the chips are down, we add two layers of 80% solids polyaspartic as a top coat. This commercial-grade coating is antimicrobial, UV-resistant, has zero VOCs, and is quick- curing. In fact, it dries so fast that you can have a party on your patio 24 hours after we're done! The end result is one beautiful, strong, smooth, efficient floor.

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