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Quick Dry Epoxy


Our Brilliant Polyaspartic top coat can be added to any system to increase drying time 

Polyaspartic Quick-Dry Option

If you're in a rush and need your floor to dry super fast, we can use a commercial-grade polyaspartic top coat in lieu of a chemical-resistant urethane top coat on any of our systems. Our Brilliant Polyaspartic top coat has incredible curing properties, offers maximum gloss retention, and provides superior resistance to chemicals, oils, and UV exposure. 


When the weather cooperates, we're often able to install the floor in one day and have you back in business the next day. ​We offer the Brilliant Polyaspartic option as an upgrade on both commercial and residential jobs; if your timeline is crunched, this coating is the answer.

For the science gurus: Our rapid-curing Brilliant Polyaspartic top coat is formulated with aliphatic chemistry; it's color stable, allowing it to take UV exposure without color shifts that can occur with epoxies. You can see how it compares to traditional urethane top coats in the chart below.

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