You did it. You took the plunge. You invested in epoxy garage floor coating. And for some of you, Arizona (one of the hottest climates in the country) is the place you call home. Will the maintenance be easy?

With epoxy garage floor coating, maintenance should be a breeze. This doesn’t mean that it’s nonexistent, but it is relatively easy. Here are a few easy steps to ensure that your epoxy garage floor will look great for years to come.

Check the sealing: If you installed the epoxy yourself, or had a professional do it, make sure that there is a high-quality sealing coat applied to the floor. The sealant will help to protect the floor from the elements.

Keeping Your Garage Floor Coating Clean

Sweep: This may be a no-brainer, but it is important to sweep all the dirt and debris from the floor frequently. Otherwise, you may unwittingly cause some of these particles to become embedded in the epoxy, causing damage.

Scrub: Using basic household chemicals and a good old fashioned mop, keep the epoxy garage floor clean. Before even scrubbing the floor, make sure to clean stains that household items cannot get. For example, using a rubber eraser is a good way to get rid of tire tracks. Be careful what cleansers you use, as anything too strong may damage the floor. Bathing soaps are also a no-no because they leave a layer of residue behind. With any chemical, you shouldn’t leave it sitting on the floor for too long; otherwise the epoxy will start to absorb it.

Rinse Thoroughly: This is an especially important step in caring for your epoxy garage floor. Immediately after scrubbing the floor, use warm water to rinse away the cleaner. Make sure to rinse until you can no longer see any soap bubbles or residue.

garage floor coating image2Keep the Floor Dry: If your floor is not kept dry, the epoxy can bubble up, eventually tearing and exposing the concrete beneath. This is something that cannot be fixed, so clean up any spills and check to make sure any mats or absorbing surfaces are dry. You can use a squeegee to pull away standing water, then use towels to dry the rest of the surface. Also check any windows are closed and properly sealed in case of rain.

Avoid Placing Abrasives on the Floor: Being a place for storage, many people don’t think too much about what they are storing on the floor. However, abrasives like knives, gardening tools, and other objects with sharp ends can cut the epoxy, exposing the cement underneath to dirt, dust, and moisture. If you do accidentally cut your epoxy garage floor, repair it immediately with sealant, stain, or paint. If unsure on what to use or how to do it, consult an expert.

Epoxy garage floors are generally low-maintenance, but will last a very long time if properly cared for. There is some effort involved in keeping the floor clean and dry, but that effort is well worth it.


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