There’s not much that is able to provide as remarkable an effect or appeal as a brand-new urethane garage floor coating or glossy epoxy floor when it comes to enhancing your garage. If done correctly, they are smooth, rock solid and quite likely to make all your neighbors envious.

If you’re like numerous people, you’ll hurry off to the closest DIY shop and choose that good all-in-one boxed kit of garage epoxy. Well, be cautioned, its not exactly what the specialists utilize!

Even with abilities to do this kind of house enhancement, there are more pitfalls than marketed on the box. However, a certified installer not only has all the experience in this kind of application, but has the added benefit of posessing the proper devices, equipment and much greater quality resin epoxies, true gloss urethanes, and lots of various other exceptional floor coatings that are not available to the “Do it your selfer”.

You cannot simply go put down floor coatings and anticipate them to look excellent. If it was that easy everybody would do it, wouldn’t they?

A bunch of care is required to guarantee that the floor is effectively prepared to get the proper surface. Just like paint, or other element that you want to bond, the surface area you are putting on should be complimentary and totally clean of all debris, dirt, oil, or any foreign product.

Blistering temperature levels, engine oil and dropped devices can all contribute to harming your floor covering. Due to the fact of this, it is even more essential to appropriately prep your garage.

We make use of industrial grinding/milling to eliminate anything sitting on the surface area of the concrete. This procedure smoothes unequal concrete and cleanses away any paint, glue, oil or various other contaminant that could be on the garage floor.

When the surface area is clean, all splits, holes and chips should be sealed. This ensures that the epoxy floor layer has an even, strong surface area to cling to. The higher quality the floor preparation, the better your final results.


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