You’ve done the research, spoken to the specialists, and have decided to do epoxy flooring in your garage. You’ve chosen a textured epoxy in order to be able to move around, but want to find an expert epoxy flooring contractor to do the work. How do you choose one?

Much like choosing anything, your decision will ride on a variety of factors. Here are eight tips to keep in mind when choosing an epoxy flooring contractor:

License: Does the contractor you are talking to have the proper licenses? Most local governments require skilled laborers to have a contractor’s license that certifies that have the required training to do the job well. If the contractor does not have this, how can you be sure they actually know what they’re doing?

Insurance: Make sure the contractors you’re speaking with have the proper insurance. This can include liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and auto insurance. These insurances not only protect the contractor, but you and your home, as well.

Price: Compare several contractors’ prices. Make sure to ask for pictures of their previous work (most contractors have portfolios) to get a sense of how they compare not only in price, but in what quality you get for the price.

Relationships with Manufacturers: If the contractor has a relationship with epoxy providers, this may result in a decrease in cost for you.

image of epoxy garage flooringAvailability and Time: What is the availability of the flooring contractor you’re interested in? Are you willing to wait for a fair contractor with high quality work if they aren’t immediately available? When the contractor is available, how long do they estimate the work to be done? Are they willing to offer discounts or some sort of extra feature if the job takes longer than expected? These are all important considerations to make because the contractor will be disrupting aspects of your life for the amount of time they’re working.

References and Reviews: Research the contractor on websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, or even the Better Business Bureau. Keep in mind, however, that reviews on website like Yelp are often biased one way or another. Don’t be afraid to ask the flooring contractor if they have any references you can call. Think of yourself as an employer who is looking for the best employee to get the job done.

Warranties: If the epoxy flooring chips or cracks shortly after installation will the contractor fix it free of charge? If the contractor does offer a warranty, how long does it last? What does it cover?

Trust: You will be building a relationship with your contractor, as well as allowing them in your home. When speaking to the contractor, pay attention to your gut feeling. If something doesn’t quite add up, perhaps they’re selling themselves too hard or talking around giving you references, move on.

As with any expensive project, finding the right person for the job can be a difficult task. With these eight tips, you’ll find the right epoxy flooring contractor in no time.


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