epoxy resins for flooring imageSome may see concrete as virtually unbreakable, but it is not impervious to specific types of damage, including cosmetic, such as scuffing, staining and breaking. This can ruin the general attractiveness of the floor. Concrete is permeable and can absorb dirt, salt, chemicals and oils, making it hard to clean up the concrete floors properly.

Epoxy has been used in homes and for industrial purposes for over fifty years. As the benefits have become more widely known, epoxy coatings are becoming the “go to” option for flooring that is both stylish and durable. Here we share some interesting facts that you may or may not know.

Epoxy Coatings as a Durable Surface Protectant

Floor coatings made from epoxy are resistant to many kinds of damage. Tough industrial coatings are often applied in areas that are regularly exposed to damage and wear. Warehouses, garages, areas where heavy equipment is used or stored, auto mechanic shops.

High Heat Resistance and Doesn’t Burn Easily

Epoxy floor coatings form a thick barrier that retards fire and doesn’t burn. It can protect the surface long enough that the fire may burn itself out or prevent burning long enough for the local services to respond and extinguish the fire.

Epoxy Resins are the Core Ingredient in Modern Floor Coatings

epoxy coatings for offices sample

Epoxy coatings work well in offices too

As modern techniques and flooring solutions advance, new methods of combining epoxy resins and using them in primers and sealants has enhanced the ways in which epoxy can be used. Modern epoxy coatings work well to protect and finish floors in both residential and commercial applications. It seals and protects, acts as a waterproofing agent, and is also fire resistant, as we mentioned previously.

Astounding Adhesive Properties

At over a thousand pounds of adhesive strength for every square inch of floor, epoxy coatings can withstand immense physical loads.

Applicable to Many Different Surface Types

Different applications have various needs and systems necessary depending on the substrate in that particular project. Epoxy coatings are one of the few systems that can be used on nearly any type of surface.

Epoxy Resins Can Be Combined With Other Materials

Epoxy-based resins can be combined to produce hybrid coatings. Epoxy-sulfide, epoxy-amine and aliphatic coating systems, as well as acrylics are some of the combinations that are produced by blending the materials with epoxy. With these amalgams, other properties like fast drying times, better adhesion and glossier surfaces can be added to the normal surface qualities.

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