Since the holidays are here again, we are going to focus on the versatility and sometimes even “festive” options that epoxy provides, allowing designers and businesses to install flooring, design epoxy “art,” or other creative uses that match almost any design or need.

Modern Epoxy Resin Floors Add Excitement

commercial epoxy resin floorFlooring used to be boring, but with all the modern, creative uses for resins, colors and texturing possible with epoxy, this is no longer so. The contemporary designer has a veritable canvas in the floor space of any home or business. This surface can be styled and textured and blended to create an effect or compliment the decor of the room.

For business use, epoxy resin flooring can create a stylish, yet durable surface that can withstand years of traffic and abuse. However, one of the clever uses for epoxy floors that businesses may start taking advantage of is to create effects that they change during special promotions or seasons. Changing the flooring for an entire department store could get rather costly, but imagine just doing the entryway for a seasonal event like Christmas, or gearing up for a spring break or summer sale.

Creative Commercial Uses for Epoxy Coatings

business epoxy resin floorLikewise, for commercial use such as a warehouse or hangar, different areas could have different shades of “color coding” to designate where certain machinery is stored. Areas of a plant that had been specially treated for chemical use might have a specific epoxy flooring color coding to instantly let employees know at a glance that the area was safe for chemicals.

3D flooring art is starting to catch on as well. Graphic murals and artwork of everything from seascapes with realistic looking animal life, to clever optical illusions that look like something is breaking through the floor are being installed to create custom effects. This flooring is digitally printed and then the material applied to the surface. After installation, the flooring is then coated with a clear epoxy resin to protect the print and seal the floor.

Epoxy Resin for Creative Design

Epoxy resins truly allow us to expand our creativity and style in the flooring industry. But it doesn’t stop there. Epoxy is being used to create jewelry, art, tables, counters and many other things as well. Check out this Pinterest page dedicated to epoxy. How about a custom coffee table made with real coffee beans encased in epoxy resin? Or a real penny epoxy flooring made with thousands of pennies coated in epoxy resin?

Live plants can even be encased in epoxy. This creates an effect similar to an insect encased in amber, perfectly preserving the plant (or anything else) and allowing designers to create impressive artwork and furniture. A pebble counter-top can be made with real pebbles, or a table made of driftwood and then perfectly sealed and protected with epoxy.

Brilliant Epoxy Floors Inc. has over 20 years of experience and has installed millions of square feet of epoxy resin floors for both residential and commercial applications. Give us a call today at: 480-203-2444 and let us help you get the professional service you deserve on your next commercial or residential flooring project.

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