wood floor planks imageEpoxy flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years. Traditionally, homes built over hundred years ago would have used bare wood flooring. This created many problems as the untreated wood was vulnerable to stains and damage from water. It was common for homes to have uneven flooring caused by damage to the wood. Bare wood flooring would crack, warp, and split over time as wear and water absorption degraded the quality of the floor.

A Brief History of Linoleum Flooring

linoleum flooring

linoleum flooring

In 1863 a man by the name of Frederick Walton invented a flooring material that he called linoleum. This material was nothing like the more modern “linoleum” materials we are familiar with today and was much more prone to cracking and curling. Still, it became increasingly popular through the turn of the century and was a commonly used flooring material. It was water resistant and helped create a uniform flooring that would protect the wood underneath.

Sometime during the 1960s vinyl flooring almost completely replaced linoleum as the most commonly used flooring option. Vinyl could be made in large sheets and, combined with more modern technologies, it allowed many different styles and colors that were not previously available. Interestingly, vinyl is still mistakenly called “linoleum” by many people who don’t really understand the differences in the materials.

image of plush carpet flooring

plush carpet flooring

After World War II, during the housing boom of the 1950s, carpeted houses really caught on. It became chic to have plush, luxurious carpeting throughout the entire house. The “American Dream” was epitomized by having luxurious homes that invited you to take your shoes off and enjoy the comfort of your castle.

Epoxy Terrazo flooring was actually invented in the 1500s in Italy, but the modern epoxy coatings of today are nothing like the original materials used back then. In recent years, epoxy floor coating technologies have become increasingly popular and are used for homes as well as commercial projects.

One of the reasons for this is epoxy resins are extremely durable and are also completely waterproof. A kitchen area, which is prone to many food spills and water damage is a perfect place to install epoxy to protect the flooring. Additionally, with the modernization of materials and technologies, epoxy resins can be installed to match any look and style that an interior decorator wishes.

One of the most common residential uses where epoxy floors are seen is in the garage. Garages see a lot of heavy use from vehicles and equipment, while many people also use their garage for a workshop. Epoxy resins are very hard and durable, making them an ideal material to protect against chemicals, oil and tools that are used in a garage.

Risks of Not Having a Professional Epoxy Install

Epoxy Floors in Phoenix Arizona Homes

Epoxy flooring is very commonly seen in Phoenix homes. The durability and UV protection that it provides make for an ideal protection against the harsh Arizona sun. Garages, patios, pool areas and walkways are all common areas that can benefit from epoxy floor coatings to protect the concrete from weather damage. In high traffic areas or places where there may be a lot of water – like a pool deck – a non-slip coating can be added to add additional traction to safeguard against slipping and falling.

On the commercial side, epoxies are used in chemical containment areas, warehouses, hospitals, showrooms, aircraft hangars, and numerous other buildings. Over the last 20 years or so, epoxy has become one of the prime flooring options for both commercial and residential installations.

Now, with constantly innovated technologies, epoxy floors can be installed in almost any color, style and texture to match the design of the building.

Brilliant Epoxy Floors Inc. has over 22 years of experience and has installed millions of square feet of epoxy resin floors for both residential and commercial epoxy floors. Give us a call today at: 480-203-2444 and let us help you get the professional custom epoxy flooring service you deserve on your next commercial or residential project.

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