Epoxy flooring has become an increasingly popular trend over the years, as homeowners and businesses alike discover the benefits of epoxy coatings. Phoenix, Arizona is a city that keeps up with much of the modern trends and technology, so it comes as no surprise that the advances in floor coating materials are used extensively here.

For home use, the most popular place to install epoxy floors is in the garage. The tough epoxy resins help protect against chipping of concrete from dropped tools, leaks and oils spills, as well as giving the garage a nicer style and feel. A garage can go from a "dingy, dark place that you store a car," to a stylish workshop or man cave that doubles as parking.

6 granite full chip epoxy stem wall

epoxy coating interiorsWhat many homeowners in Phoenix may not know is that epoxies are also being used for other flooring uses around the home as well. Epoxy coatings can be used for laundry rooms, to protect the floor against wet clothes, detergent spills and humidity. Epoxy flooring is also used in kitchens and common areas where food spills and lots of foot traffic would quickly destroy other types of flooring.

We have seen some modern homes use epoxy coatings in most of the rooms, and then plush area rugs put down in places where more comfort is needed. Living rooms are a good example of this, where the style and sleek look of epoxy might give the room a nice feel, but who wants to take their shoes off and relax on the couch with their bare feet touching the cold epoxy floor? A plush rug under the couch fixes this problem and gives the best of both worlds. When the rug wears out you can simply replace it for a few hundred dollars instead of recarpeting the whole room for thousands.

Epoxy Coatings for Walls TooEpoxy Coatings for Walls

Did you know that modern epoxy resins can even be used to coat the walls? Yes, the same colors, water resistance and durability that epoxies provide for flooring can also be applied to your walls in place of paint. Here we apply a simple gray epoxy to the walls. This will give a durable coating to the walls and protect them from moisture and damage.

Commercial and Business Uses for Epoxy Flooring

On the business side, we are seeing an increasing use of epoxy for a variety of commercial purposes, ranging from scientific (clean rooms and labs), to automotive, hospitals, and even showrooms. Below is a brief list of just a few of the industries and uses of epoxy floors:

  • Warehouse Flooring - epoxy floors provide a strong and easy to maintain surface for thousands of square feet of flooring. A non-slip layer can be added to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Aerospace and Aviation - hangars and storage facilities can benefit from epoxy resins to protect against spills and equipment.
  • Hospitals - epoxy flooring is regularly used in hospitals to help maintain a clean and sterile environment for health reasons.
  • Commercial Kitchens - food, spills and oil are all potential hazards in the restaurant industry. Epoxy floors help keep a safe and clean work area that is easy to maintain.
  • Automotive - auto shops are extremely hard on concrete, with all the tools, chemicals and oils that are used. Epoxy resin's toughness and durability protect the concrete and help provide a safe work area.
  • Loboratories and Clean Rooms - a neutral, clean and static free environment is highly important in an industry where many chemicals are used, tests are performed and precision is key. Epoxy floors are one of the safest choices for these environments.

Commercial Epoxy Coating 1

image of commercial automotive epoxy coating

There are many other commercial uses for epoxy flooring, but these are just a few. When considering the flooring options for your home or business, look at the benefits of each and decide which is right for your situation.

Brilliant Epoxy Floors Inc. has over 22 years of experience and has installed millions of square feet of epoxy resin floors for both residential and commercial epoxy floors. Give us a call today at: 480-203-2444 and let us help you get the professional custom epoxy flooring service you deserve on your next commercial or residential project.

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