So you have decided you want an epoxy floor. Awesome, so what next?

Well, there are many additional considerations.

  1. What sort of floor preparation will be needed?
  2. Do you want color chips or solid color epoxy?
  3. Would you like a smooth finish for a polished shine, or a textured finish for better traction?

Floor Preparation
This really depends on the current surface you will be working with. Ideally it needs to be concrete. If the concrete has any pits or cracks professional flooring installers will always fill the pits and cracks before any epoxy installation to ensure proper adhesion and setting of the garage floor coating.

Once the pits and cracks are filled the surface usually needs to be ground smooth. This is accomplished with a large surface grinder that is used to smooth away any burs, chips or other imperfections in the concrete flooring.

Floor coating preparation bears some similarities to painting preparation, in that the surface being properly treated beforehand can directly effect the outcome of the project. Painters know that if they want their work to last, the surface needs to be sanded, cleaned and primed before paint should be applied. Similarly, flooring installers know that proper preparation means an epoxy floor coating that will last for years to come.

Color Chips or Solid Color Epoxy?
This is more of a personal preference. Color chips can be sprinkled across the initial epoxy layer to add some style and texture. The benefit to this is that almost any style or decor can be matched. A homeowner may have their garage decorated a certain way and want to maintain the style with any epoxy garage floor that is installed.

Solid color is more simple and does have the benefit of being cheaper. This may be a decent option for an entry-level garage floor coating project.

Smooth Coating Finish or Textured?
Many people like that sleek, glossy look that you get with a fresh epoxy coat. Its almost wet looking and you can see a reflection in it. The look is definitely appealing and sure to attract comments from the neighbors. However, for a “working garage” or a surface that will get a lot of traffic, it may be advisable to have the installers create a texture to improve the traction or grip you have while walking on the floor.

These are only some of the questions that may come up when you are deciding on flooring for your garage. It really can be a daunting task trying to figure out everything yourself. Many people are quite capable and are willing to do the research and work themselves, digging through the internet, talking to friends or interviewing the local handyman. This sort of work can be entertaining for some, but just as most people take their car to the mechanic when it breaks to avoid the hassle and time needed to figure it out themselves, most people also choose to have a professional epoxy flooring installer do the job right.

As always, we are here to help and answer any questions. There is no need to brave all the hazards and pitfalls alone when you have local professionals ready to answer your questions and help you get that perfect epoxy floor.


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