concrete polishing of garageConcrete polishing has become increasingly popular for both Retail and Commercial use. The result leaves an Ultra Strong Glossy surface that is resilient to liquid, or chemical penetration. There is no topcoat, so de-lamination and peeling will never occur. It is Long lasting, durable and its excellent wear characteristics make it just an awesome alternative to other flooring substrates.

The entire process utilizes different grinding pads starting with metal-based industrial diamonds. These course metal pads dig into the concrete surface and remove top layers of concrete cream. The process continues by consecutively changing the metals to finer and finer grit pads. Once the metal pad assortment has been achieved, the machines are equipped with Resin based polishing pads. We here at Brilliant DO NOT SKIP pad progression, like other companies do. We follow a strict regiment and the proof is in the finish results.

An average job will take 2 complete days from start to finish. There is no dry time, so back to service is immediately.

We only offer concrete floor polishing for commercial projects. It is an excellent finishing option for most surfaces where you would normally install an epoxy flooring. The exception to this are areas requiring chemical containment. These still require a commercial epoxy coating to protect the concrete from the harsh chemicals or materials that may spill. If in doubt, please call us at: 480-203-2444 with your specific situation and we will advise you on the best flooring option.

Please contact us for full description and price quote.