This question is asked to me almost everyday.  Here is the answer: absolutely, positively Maybe!

The process for a successful long lasting epoxy application is 2 fold.  The first is the concrete preparation and the second is the actual materials used.  Lets talk about the preparation first

Typical concrete in the garage is smooth and non porous.  This is not good for proper adhesion of the epoxy prime layer.  The concrete must first be cleaned, etched and or industrial diamond ground to remove a thin layer of the top concrete creating a pouress and clean surface allowing for proper bonding for the prime coat.  I have not met in the last 16 years A home owner who possessed all the equipment to properly etch, hydro clean, diamond grind and clean up expansion materials in the fashion that a professional company would follow.  I suppose it is possible to rent all these machines but to what savings would it truly be?

The second part is the materials.  If there is just one thing I may stress in this article is that 35% of our business is removing epoxy systems that have not lasted.  These are usually the stuff you purchase at the DYI stores and local paint stores.  They are inexpensive because they are on the lowest range of quality.  SAVE your hard earned money!  Good quality resin based epoxies average on the retail side $75 to $110 a gallon.  The Top Coat Urethanes are $85 to $220 a gallon.  This is where the expense plays a part on the cost for a long lasting, durable, Glossy epoxy system.

So we get back to the question, can A home owner install an epoxy system with success?

The answer is YES.   Will the results be professional, unlikely.  Will it last, Unlikely.  Will it help with resale, NO!  Most home buyers these days know what a great looking Glossy Epoxy Floor looks like .  They can tell immediately if its a do it yourself job.

At the end of the day, It just makes sense to do it right the first time.


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