Most people have heard of epoxy floor coatings for garages, but you may not know that epoxy flooring is used for many other surfaces as well. Here are seven uses for epoxy that you may not be aware of.

Epoxy Resins for Pool Decks and Pool Rooms

Epoxy Pool Deck1. Pool decks can be dangerous if they are not properly surfaced. Water from the pool can make the deck slippery. A wrong step can cause your friends or family to slip, hurting themselves on the hard concrete surface. Fortunately, epoxy flooring can be mixed with non-slip materials that provide extra traction around the pool deck to help prevent injuries from slipping.

2. Pool rooms are another great place to use epoxies. The coating creates a moisture and microbial barrier that simultaneously protects against moisture damage and bacteria build-up.

Epoxy Coatings in the Bathroom

3. Bathrooms get a lot of use. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom, showering, washing our hands, getting ready for work. Just one person uses the bathroom several times each day. The average family bathroom may see use dozens of times each day. With all the water and steam from constant showers, and water from the sink, bathrooms see a lot of continual moisture. This causes mildew, peeling paint and wallpaper, curling linoleum, damp and rotting baseboards, as well as other moisture related problems.

Epoxy resin coatings can alleviate many of these problems. Epoxy seals the floor against moisture, preventing water from seeping into the flooring and causing damage. It also creates a barrier that is resistant to mildew. Epoxy can also be used on the walls and baseboards to protect against moisture seeping into them and causing rot.

Epoxy Surface Coatings for Use in Saunas

4. Epoxy coatings can be used on the walls and floors of saunas. The thick, durable layer is tough and resistant and can stand the high temperatures and abuse inherent in a sauna environment. Saunas that don’t use the proper materials can be breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus that may build up over time. Epoxy floor coatings act as a microbial barrier that don’t hold bacteria. With proper cleaning and maintenance, these coatings provide an excellent surfacing option for a sauna.

Epoxy Flooring for the Basement or Den

(5 & 6) Many people cut corners when it comes to the flooring for their den or basement. Much of their time and money went into the kitchen, bedrooms, dining room and other areas of the house, so you will often see the basement with a half-finished look. Bare concrete, rafters and beams still visible, maybe a missing piece of sheetrock that was never hung. This seems like such a waste. With a few finishing touches and some stylish looking epoxy on the floor, these rooms can be turned into modern, comfortable places that your friends will want to spend time in. Make that dreary basement into a lively man cave or game room.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in the Garage

Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor Coating7. One of the most popular uses for epoxy floor coatings, and the one that most people think of when they hear “epoxy flooring” is for the garage. The garage is a place that can see heavy use. Tools, equipment, vehicles and numerous other things are stored in the garage. Many homes also use the garage as a workshop. Tools get dropped on the floor, heavy items are slid, dropped, or drug around. Oil spills, dripping car fluids and other chemicals often find their way to the garage floor. Very few flooring options can stand up to all this abuse as well as epoxy. Epoxy resins can withstand most oils and chemicals. Tools and heavy items dropped on the surface will usually do little to no damage. The other benefit is that epoxy floor coatings create a layer that seals the concrete and makes the surface very easy to clean. Oils or chemicals that would normally stain other surfaces wash off much more easily from epoxy.

Epoxies come in almost any color and style you can imagine. Many people don’t realize that epoxy floor coatings are not just for the garage. They can be used to match the style of any room or add color and pop to any project. The next time you are re-doing your floors, or thinking about how you want to re-design a room, give some thought to using epoxy. It will almost surely make your project safer, more stylish and easier to maintain.

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