1. Epoxy Floors for Professional Kitchens

commercial kitchen epoxy floor

Commercial kitchen epoxy floor

Epoxy floors are perfect for commercial kitchens because of their clean and sanitary traits. Unlike most types of flooring, epoxy floors can be installed to have no cracks/crevices where microbes tend to build. Not only are epoxy floors more sanitary because of this, but to clean these floors requires less chemicals and scrubbing than previously needed for other types of flooring. Most epoxy floors have an antimicrobial layer on the surface of the floor, so despite all of the restaurant spills and mishaps, these floors can remain sanitary and up to health codes.

  1. Epoxy Floors for Retail

Epoxy floors for retail, whether it be from hair salons to corner shops, are an excellent choice due to their attractive qualities. Epoxy floors have a professional style that invites people into your business. The cleanliness of the floors also makes your business appear to be well put together and appealing to customers. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns that best match whatever impression you want your store to portray.

  1. Epoxy Floors for Auto Shops

Auto shops see all sorts of disasters like grease, motor oil, and heavy equipment, so they need a floor that can withstand all of that. Epoxy floor coatings have a heavy layer that can withstand things like motor oil and will allow for easy clean-up. Regular concrete would require special formulas and time consuming cleaning methods in order to remove the stains from substances such as grease and brake fluids, but epoxy flooring doesn’t stain! This creates a cleaner workplace for your employees, and a more attractive business for your customers!

  1. Epoxy Floors for Warehouses

commercial epoxy floor coating for warehouse

Warehouse Floor Coating

By applying epoxy floors in warehouses, businesses can then eliminate specific hazards that come from concrete floorings. The particles from concrete floors, which are traditionally used for warehouses, can cause loose powders or dust to flow into the air causing sicknesses to employees and buildup of debris in equipment. This not only hurts business, but can cost a pretty penny to fix. Another reason to apply epoxy flooring in warehouses is their cleanliness. The buildup of particles from concrete and hard to clean surfaces can make business appear to be unkempt. Epoxy floors don’t produce dust like concrete does and adds an attractive element to the business.

  1. Epoxy Floors for Airports

More and more people are traveling by plane, which also means they spend more of their time in airports. This adds a challenge to transform airports to be attractive and comfortable to future passengers. With the variety of available colors and design options, epoxy floors are stylish and attractive, not to mention sanitary. Epoxy floors also can absorb immense amounts of pressure and the wear that comes with the traffic of thousands of people coming and going every day. These floors have the strength to support heavy luggage and are slip-resistant to prevent injuries to the people in airport.

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